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  • Tertiary degree (BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, BCom Informatics or other related technology degree) strongly preferred.
  • Formal Business Analysis Qualification

Experience & Skills:

  • 2 -4 years practical knowledge of T-SQL
  • 2 – 4 years practical experience of SQL Server Database Engine
  • Proven experience as a BI Developer or Data Scientist/ BI Analyst
  • Must have knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Microsoft TFS knowledge is preferred.
  • MS SSRS and/or PowerBI report development experience.
  • Presenting information through reports and visualization

As a Business Analyst you will have a focus on the following skills and expertise:

  • Business Intelligence systems
  • Productization expertise
  • Business systems management and analysing of our processes
  • Some type of Product management experience
  • Knowledge of SQL and development (not a requirement but will be a bonus)

Business analyst role but with additional focus on BI and product management.
The person should be dynamic and able to analyse processes and system designs to improve our current flow within the business.

  • Excellent understanding of the organisation’s goals and objectives.
  • Extensive programme management experience on the delivery of large IT systems.
  • Experience delivering projects using an Agile delivery methodology.
  • Knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework (would be an advantage).
  • Extensive Testing experience with the organisation’s Tier One software applications.


  • Elicitation, organization, translation, analysis and prioritization of both business level and functional requirements.
  • Development of process flow and data processing logic.
  • Analysing the structure of the business to determine how it operates and determine its objectives.
  • Identifying any problems with the current business model.
  • Developing and managing business intelligence solutions for the organization.
  • Providing reports through office applications to improve business processes.
  • Collaborating with team members for the purpose of collecting data and executing the company’s mission.
  • Analysing business requirements and processes and recommending them to the management and executives for implementation.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation that includes the design, requirements, and user manuals for the organization.
  • Identifying the development needs for the purpose of streamlining and improving the operations of the organization for efficiency and profitability.
  • Maintaining key relationships with the developers of our systems.
  • Maintaining and improving our CRM system by writing specs to implement.
  • Assisting with pricing and productization.
  • Assisting with key documentation and day-to-day business tasks.

Desired Skills:

  • T-SQL
  • Computer Science
  • PowerBI
  • SQL Server
  • Data Scientist

Desired Work Experience:

Desired Qualification Level:

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Business Analyst at Catalytic