Dynasty Roster Renovation: Trade Deadline Moves (2021 Fantasy Football)

No matter your record, making some last-minute moves before your fantasy football league shuts trading down for the year is a good idea. So whether you’re going all-in or retreating to battle next year, here are some ideas of what to do as your trade deadline approaches to help renovate your rosters.

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Contending Teams: Sell Your Picks

If you’re in a position to contend for the title, now is the time to sell your picks if you still have them. Sure, rookie draft picks are fun, but winning the title is much more fun. On top of that, you can always trade back into the draft between the end of the year and draft season. Nothing is ever final in dynasty, right?

Also, keep in mind that your picks are likely later in the round if you’re contending. While it may look like a first-round pick, your pick 1.10 is worth much less than pick 1.03, even in SuperFlex leagues. These picks have more value due to the number at the front than they probably deserve.

Once the season ends and standings are locked, that’s when managers start to see where they fall in the draft order. Be ahead of the game and try to sell whatever picks you have left for more than they’re worth based on that first or second-round general valuation. There could be some rebuilding teams with older assets that might still be willing.

In addition to that, now is a great time to revisit trades that you couldn’t pull off in earlier weeks. Go back to your email or trade history and see what trades you DIDN’T make that you wish you had. Try again now. The other manager may be in an entirely different position now than in Week 8 and might be more willing to make that move.

Rebuilding Teams: Sell Your Vets

On that note, as a rebuilding team, you should have already gotten rid of anyone on your roster you don’t want to have next year. If you haven’t yet, now is your last chance. Don’t be afraid to sell for less than their value if it gets you a younger asset or a pick in return. No time like the present!

You don’t have to sell your vets, but it’s a good time to kick the tires on their prices. This is especially true for teams going for the title, which might be struggling to set a lineup. For example, look at who everyone started last week. If someone is starting D’Onta Foreman (RB – TEN) or Jaret Patterson (RB – WAS), they might be more than willing to add someone like Jeff Wilson (RB – SF) or Mark Ingram (RB – NO) to their team instead.

For receivers, age isn’t quite as important, but it’s still something to look at. If you have Julio Jones (WR – ATL) or Cole Beasley (WR – BUF) on your roster, send them away for younger guys that might have more upside like Dyami Brown (WR – WAS) or Bryan Edwards (WR – LVR), who might be frustrating their current managers. Now is the time to strike on these kinds of short-sighted moves as you eye the long-term goal.

All Teams: Keep Checking That Waiver Wire

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the waiver wire. Rosters are often churned as lineup decisions, and IR slots get tougher and tougher to manage. Sometimes a good player hits waivers, and the first one to notice gets lucky to win them. Might as well be you!

Also, take a look at the bottom of your roster and start to make decisions with 2022 in mind rather than this year. Use those bottom of your roster spots to start planning for next year. Get some younger upside guys. Check if anyone’s injured that you can add to your IR slots if those are empty. If a guy hasn’t performed, don’t be afraid to drop him now before there’s no one left.

Whatever you do, keep grinding to make your team as strong as possible. The best way to make your team better is to keep making moves. Never stop building, and before you know it, you’ll have a team that can’t be stopped. That’s the goal, right? Build your dynasty!

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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Trade Deadline Moves (2021 Fantasy Football)